Sweet Relief!

My Brittle wants to add smiles to faces during this stressful and precarious time.  What better way to take care of your wellbeing and support others than to indulge in, or gift, My Brittle!  Please take advantage of our special reduced rate shipping in order to more easily obtain My Brittle from home.  We are bummed that events are cancelled and would much rather connect with you in person.  However, we are still here for you and appreciate your support via our online store.  Please remember to support local small businesses so that we can maintain, grow and thrive in the community together.  So place your order today to spread the sweet smiles and joy!

Best vegan peanut brittle. It doesn't stick! Not your grandma's brittle.

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About Us

Just over 20 years ago I was a college student and taken over by holiday stress.  Finals ended and I had no time or money for gifts.  What to do?  "Why don't you make something for the heart like cookies or candy" was my mom's suggestion.  Candy it was!  Every since, my friends and family have been enjoying (and loving) my peanut brittle at the holidays.  

10 years later, in another financially stressful period, a family member suggested that I sell my peanut brittle.  Unsure that it made the cut, I humbly set up a table at a fall festival.  Both days, my brittle sold out hours before the festival ended.  How exciting!  People loved it!  

When my studied profession went into a more positive direction, brittle took a back seat.  

Now on my life's journey I am returning to my brittle!  

With my sincere values, My Brittle strives to amaze your taste buds, while displaying a passion for nature and practicing compassion in the community.  

In times of need, my brittle has been there for me.  Now it is time that My Brittle is here for you!

With gratitude